August 28th Changelog


  • Resolved an error preventing streams to Facebook pages from going live.
  • Communication is key. We’re now showing more accurate messaging if you’re using an unsupported browser. Updated for older versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
  • Mixer Projects are now loading correctly the first time for streamers making new accounts. Occasionally new users weren’t able to interact with their project until they reloaded the page.
  • Project and scene thumbnails are properly displaying – no longer MIA.
  • STUDIO: Client and layers requiring the client now stay connected after a browser refresh.


  • Video clips are now set to loop as the only option. Stop & Hide and Pause options were removed due to a confusing user experience. Will rework for future release.

August 3rd Changelog


  • First time’s a charm – corrected an engine issue that would require multiple attempts to go live before successfully starting a stream.
  • Mixer integration users’ webcams should no longer go black during a stream.
  • Microphone options will now display when you have no webcams connected to your PC.
  • Not ever layer was showing correctly in the UI for a small subset of streamers, causing them to add duplicates to their stream. 
  • The ability to stream to Facebook Groups has been restored. To stream to a group, please be sure to install the Lightstream App to your group
  • Scene thumbnails have returned from the void and are properly displaying again.
  • Mixer integration users with no emails on their Mixer accounts will no longer be welcomed by blank screens.