Infiniscene allows 3 different types of capture options – video device such as a camera or capture card, display – which will take your entire monitor, or window which will just select a certain program.

To add an image, go up to the Plus (+) at the top left and click “Image”. Once you drop it in the scene, you can size them however you’d like with the controls or even snap them based on their position. Any asset you upload is also saved to our servers and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, then you’ll also understand how our layering system works. The top most layer lives above all of the other assets and then each layer below that follows sequentially.

Last thing to note is that if you want to make a new scene- all you have to do is click, “add scene” on the bottom. Once you’re done setting up your scenes. The last thing you need to do is click, “Go Live” and you’re streaming to your preferred platform.


Infiniscene is a beautiful, intuitive broadcast studio powered by the cloud. Simple enough for anyone to get started in minutes. Powerful enough to take any broadcaster to the next level. There is simply nothing else like us.

Get started today.