With Mixer broadcasting built natively into Xbox One, anyone can easily stream their gameplay with just a few clicks. Now with Lightstream Studio you can make branding and personalizing your Mixer streams just as easy!

Lightstream Studio is a powerful creative tool to add a professional touch to your stream. Edit right in your browser – no downloads needed. Best of all, once you have everything setup the way you like, your media will be added to your stream automatically every time you go live.

A Mixer Pro subscription is all that is required to enjoy unlimited use of our special Mixer Project in Lightstream Studio.

Easily add:


Images & Overlays

slideshow icon



Stream Alerts

Xbox native streaming to Mixer with images, overlays, and alerts

How does it work?


Enable the Lightstream Studio integration in the Manage Channel section on Mixer.com.


Use Lightstream Studio to personalize your stream at mixer.golightstream.com


Lightstream layers on your media automatically whenever you go live.

Show the Mixer community what you're all about

Easily add your own overlays, graphics, slideshows, and text to your Mixer stream. Stand out and let new viewers immediately get a sense of who you are and what they can expect from your stream. Look like a pro in no time with free overlay packs!

Add overlays and alerts to your native xbox streams

Keep your viewers in the loop

Immediately engage new viewers and keep them hooked with stream alerts. Shout out new followers and subscribers, highlight donations, set goals, and more!

We support:

Want to use another service? Let us know!

BRB in style

Create different preset scenes so you can easily change layouts between games or show a status screen like Starting Soon or Be Right Back. Quickly switch between scenes with any PC or mobile device. 

Visit mixer.golightstream.com on any mobile device to switch scenes from the comfort of your couch! 

Switch scenes from your phone or tablet

Save money

Create an engaging, professional looking stream without buying an expensive streaming PC or capture card.

AFK? No problem

Lightstream Studio will automatically layer on your stream graphics every time you go live to your Mixer channel.

Keep it FTL

All the speed you’ve come to expect from Mixer. Lightstream Studio takes less than 500ms to add on your stream graphics.

Tutorial Videos

Moto, a Mixer streamer, put together a helpful video series that shows how to setup Mixer’s Lightstream integration, add image overlays, and setup 3rd party integrations to put alerts, tickers, chat, and more on your stream.


How much does this cost?

Access to the Lightstream Integration is included with all Mixer Pro subscriptions.

When will the Lightstream Integration be available?

Currently the Lightstream Integration beta is available instantly to all Mixer partners and pros.

How is this different than the Lightstream Studio plans?

Lightstream Studio offers three plans that scale based on a streamers needs: Professional, Creator, and Free. Mixer is the only plan that allows users to stream directly from their Xbox. If you have a Mixer Pro account, these plans DO NOT affect your account. A Mixer Pro subscription is all that is required to enjoy unlimited use of our special Mixer Project in Lightstream Studio

How do I enable the Lightstream Integration on my Mixer account?

Just head over to Mixer.com, click on your profile picture in the top right, click Manage Channel, and you should see the option to send your Mixer feed to Lightstream.

What software can I go live with?

We support all desktop broadcast software that uses Mixer’s FTL protocol, as well as the Mixer app on Xbox, Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Do I have to visit Lightstream every time I stream?

Nope! Your stream will still be passed through your Lightstream’s Mixer project and apply all your overlays and alerts even when you don’t have the project open.

What will go live when I start my stream from my normal software?

When you start your stream with the Lightstream Integration enabled, your stream will begin with all layers that you have added to the first scene of your Mixer project.

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