Today we are excited to announce that is becoming part of Arsenal and Rainmaker share the goal of empowering creators and brands to be successful by aligning goals, tools, and analytics. It only makes sense that the complementary tools these products offer will be even more impactful under one team, one product, and one name: Rainmaker.

What’s changing?

As of today, Arsenal has completely rebranded as Rainmaker. The Arsenal brand is being retired. All links will forward to their appropriate destinations. Arsenal’s business plans are relaunching with new plans and pricing along with the ability to self-signup. For example, we now offer an all-new Game Key Campaign only plan so any community manager can quickly sign up and share a new game with our creators.

What can you expect soon?

This transition will have a couple more phases as we tightly integrate everything. For instance, the data visualization tools and campaigns are still a little separate. Right now, data tools and key campaigns have their own login flow, but we will create a unified streamer experience very soon. Your channel data and available game key campaigns will soon appear inside the Rainmaker interface. Support for Youtube and Facebook creators and much more is planned for 2021.

What about Rainmaker Sponsorships?

We know everyone on the waitlist for sponsorships has been eagerly awaiting an update. The goal for our brand partnerships has always been to work together with the platforms. With Mixer, we were far down this path and working closely with their team to bring it to life. With their sudden shutdown, these conversations are still happening but at a different pace and with different platforms. We believe that everyone wins when the goals of creators, brands, and platforms align and are collaboratively delivered. But there is more we can do while we work on that.

Connecting streamers with products and brands is still a massive goal with many facets. So integrating Game Key Campaigns from Arsenal into Rainmaker was the next logical step. From here, we are expanding key campaigns by bringing on hardware partners and connecting you with their products in the near future. Plus, plenty of other exciting initiatives we aren’t quite ready to reveal just yet.

Our goal for Rainmaker has always been to help creators engage and activate their communities. Arsenal’s data tools helped creators understand their growth and articulate the value of what they had built while empowering brands with the reporting they need to understand and invest in our industry.

Our plan has always been for these products to work closely together to achieve these goals, but as we thought about the future of what each of them offered, it became clear how powerful they could be when combined. One place to understand your growth, engage your audience, connect with brands and products, and so much more. All of it being built by one combined team to deliver that shared vision.

We are excited, and we hope you are too. This was our January effort, and we expect it to be the foundation of everything we have to show you throughout this year.

Thank you for your support from the whole team at Rainmaker and Lightstream.

Stu & Team Rainmaker