Streaming with a guest or friend is great for podcasts, talk shows, or simply adding a new dynamic to your show. But it’s not always possible to be in the same place – that’s why we created Green Room. It’s like Google Hangouts for live streaming.

Invite up to 7 remote guests to your video chat with a simple link. Everyone in the chat is connected to your Lightstream project, where you can easily add their webcam as you would your own. No downloads or software required. No more complicated hack jobs trying to capture, crop, and rearrange Skype or Hangout calls.

How it works

Invite a guest to your Lightstream Green Room

Grab your custom invite link from the Lightstream studio and send it to your guest.

Guest joins your Lightstream Green Room

You and your guests meet up in your custom video chat room. Everything runs in the browser, no extra software needed.

Add multiple remote guest cameras to your live stream

All guests in your Green Room are connected to your Lightstream project. Add any camera directly – just like you’d add your own.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: Lightstream and the Green Room feature are free!

Q: What software does my guest need?
A: Green Room is web-based so it runs in your web browser. No additional software is needed. At this time only Google Chrome is fully supported. 

Q: Can I screenshare in addition to my guest cams?
A: Yes, but please make sure to mute the System Default audio of these assets to ensure there’s no echo from your guest’s audio.

Q: I like to run a preroll with music for my stream. How can I do this without my guests being heard?
A: The easiest way to do this would be by muting your guest while you capture audio from your computer, but you can also do this by uploading a video file with your intro and music.

Q: If I generate a new invite link will my old invite link expire?
A: Yes, your old invite link will expire immediately and a new room for your guests will be generated and all previous/current guests will be disconnected.

Q: How long do invite links last?
A: An invite link will last indefinitely until you generate a new one.

Q: Is there a max amount of guests I can bring onto my stream?
A: We currently allow up to 7 guests at one time.

Q: Can my guests change their name?
A: Yes, upon clicking the invite link, the guest can change the default text (“Guest”) to whatever they like before entering the room.

Add multiple cameras to your stream