Livestream Your Music

Audio that captures the details of your songs

Setup & Design
Setup & Design
Stream & Control
Stream & Control

How it works

Set Up

Easily add audio sources (or just your computer’s microphone) and other overlays to your music.


Personalize your stream with images, alerts, and multiple scenes with unique layouts.


Lightstream automatically composites all of your layers whenever you go live.


Use your mobile phone to switch scenes and start/stop your stream.

High Fidelity Capture

Most web-based audio for video conferencing has one goal: Keep your conversation real-time and low bandwidth. This is great for conversation, but not ideal for music. With Lightstream Studio, you can prioritize clarity while performing music, and toggle between both options (talking vs playing) when needed. Just check “Disable audio processing” on the audio source to get a nice clean signal for music or singing.
Guitar and Microphone for Live Streaming

Simple to Design

You have full creative control over what your stream looks like so it can best represent you as an artist. Add overlays, text and images to make your vision come to life and help viewers know where to find your music on places like Spotify or Instagram.

Feature Other Artists

Turn your stream into a festival with multiple stages and tons of artists. Studio makes it easy to bring in guests, and provides them with a virtual Green Room to hang out in before you bring them live.

Add guests to your livestram

Focus on Your Craft

Streaming is tricky technology. That’s why we’ve taken all the complexity out of the way for you. You focus on your performance—we’ll make sure you look and sound good when you stream to Twitch, Facebook or YouTube.

Stream your music in minutes