Technical wizardry optional (although we do love wizards)

Start a simple stream with no software downloads!

The best encoding settings available on your computer are automatically selected. Lightstream monitors for any hiccups in your internet connection and will automatically adjust bitrate to keep your stream from buffering.

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Powerful features that use less power

Our cloud engines take on the majority of the compositing and encoding so your computer doesn’t have to. The latest encoding technologies mean better quality video with less cpu needed.


Click to compare performance at these resolutions:
  • 720p 30
  • 720p 60




Facebook live stream

Guest stars with the click of a link

Land a great interview for your show? Want to game with friends? Send a simple link to remotely add their camera to your stream as if you were in the same room.

A remote control for your stream

Stay in the zone – no need to alt-tab out to update your stream. Use your phone or tablet to start, stop, and switch scenes.

Stream with a remote control

Help is just a click away

Just getting started? Have some questions? Reach out anytime with live chat support in the bottom right corner of the editor!

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It’s like an FAQ page on steroids.

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Take your projects everywhere you go

No more rebuilding your scenes at every show. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Log in from any computer and access all of your projects, scenes, and assets.

Built-in support for your favorite streaming tools:
Streamlabs alerts and donations
StreamJar alerts and overlays
Tipeeestream alerts and donations

How we're different

The Lightstream Ecosystem

Lightstream Studio

A live video studio in a browser and powered by the cloud.

Lightstream Cloud

Where the magic happens. We composite your media and video on our servers – sending them off to your final destination.

Tell your story.

No downloads. No technical wizardry.