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The Facebook app on your phone is great for creating a basic live stream. But there aren’t a lot of options when you want to take your stream to the next level.

Lightstream turns your browser into a full streaming studio without downloads or setup. All you need is your built-in webcam, your brand elements – and your unique vision.

How it works

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Facebook live stream

Bring your

Show people who you are through your words, your images, your look, and your feel. It’s all part of your story – a story that resonates with your audience.

Easily look like a pro

With the intuitive Lightstream editor, you can get just the look you’re going for. Create multiple scenes with different layouts for an even more compelling broadcast.

Facebook live stream

Guest stars with
the click of a link

Land a great interview for your podcast? Guests can join in for live video chat using one simple link – and you can control who goes on when.

Learn more about Green Room.

Simple, but
never basic

Ready to up your game even more? It gives you the power to share your screen, plus add dynamic text and multiple remote sources.

Live Stream Di3sel Missesmae

Easy and flexible

Start streaming in minutes

Not a video super nerd like us? We handle all the tech stuff – no downloads or messing with bitrates, codecs and stream keys.

Go live from any computer

On the go? All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Log in from any computer and access all your projects.

Remote control

Direct your broadcast with your mobile phone or tablet. Start, stop, and change scenes with a simple tap.

Help is just a
click away

Just getting started? Have some questions? Reach out anytime with live chat support! And we’re always available for questions or suggestions over on our Facebook page.

From the blog

Looking for tips, tricks, and guidance on streaming to Facebook? Check the latest posts below. We also write a streamer handbook that covers a wide spectrum of broadcast tips.

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No downloads. No technical wizardry.