John and Nick both caught our eyes earlier this year when they started to use our software for the remote collaboration tool. Separately located in Hawaii and Japan, the two stream together when they can find any time between their active military duties and having wives and children. Read on for the full interview.

Who are you guys? 

John: Dad number one of 2Dads1Stream, or I guess more plainly John. I’m in the US Navy, have a wife and two daughters.

Nick: Dad number two of 2Dads1Stream, but Nick is my name. I am also in the US Navy, married with one kid.

How did you get into streaming?

John:  I began to solo stream back in 2015, but it was kind of boring by myself and didn’t get too many viewers and gave it up. As for our current duo stream, I honestly think it came up as a joke.  I believe we made cracks on some of the major players in the streaming scene and said to ourselves, “Bruh, time to get Twitch famous!  Need them gangster gaming chairs!”  However, I’ve enjoyed the experience thus far.

Nick: This was definitely a joke at first. I wanted to do a stream with John since we were always playing games together anyway. I had suggested to John one day we should be streaming all this and I just really wanted to see what the Twitch community was about.

Tell us a little about your streaming setup and what makes it unique.

John:  Man, tell you what…if it wasn’t for Lightstreams’s service, our stream would have never got off the ground. Being that we’re completely located in two different parts of the world, Hawaii and Japan, we need some type of setup to where we can push both our content to, only then redirect it to Twitch.  I think very few people have multiple people featured in their stream, minus the actual tournament streams, so we thought it may gain some interest from people.

Nick: The “DoubleStream” as I call it is what makes it unique. I’ll agree 100% with John about Lightstream. I searched for other ways to broadcast two feeds at once, but everything was too complicated or required extra hardware. Its just really neat to be able to easily stream two perspectives on one channel.

Would you say that streaming has helped keep both of you in touch?

John: Oh it has most definitely kept us in touch. Ever since we’ve parted commands, it’s been difficult to stay in touch.  With our little joint venture, we’re able to attempt plan small gaming sessions if our wives don’t beat us or our children jump on top of us.  Dad life is the fun life.

Nick: For sure! Before streaming we rarely played all that much. Now that we kind of have a common goal we try to make time. Wife aggro being the biggest hurdle.

What feature would you like to see offered that isn’t available today?

John: At the moment, I think it’s a great service.  If I had to add something, it would have to revolve around the audio.  If there was something built into Lightstream for joint communications, ie: Discord, Teamspeak, etc, and to have it perfectly sync up with the video.  It would just be one less thing to setup, and one less thing to worry about on the actual output of the stream.

Nick: Yeah a built in voice channel. Other than that, the software meets our needs.

What’s been the biggest takeaway from your experience streaming so far?  

John: I totally suck at paying attention to chat… But that aside, there’s a lot of funny and cool people out there that we/I would have never got to know if we didn’t start up this stream.  The streaming community has a lot of good people out there, along with tons of amazing viewers…even the trolls, cause they provide mad entertainment as well.

Nick: It’s hard work for sure but just sticking with it as best we can has been fun. And the viewers are what make streaming what it is, as well as the people behind the streaming tech.


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