Featured Streamer Nightassassin26

Zach Hopkins or Nightassassin26 started using our software back in August of 2016. Since then, he’s stuck to a very consistent streaming schedule in his love for DotA 2 and streaming in general. Read on to learn about what got him into streaming, why he looks up to Wagamama, and more.

How long have you been streaming? What got you started?

I started streaming about a year ago, what really got me into streaming is watching Dota 2 events and tournaments. I watch them a lot and find them very informational and humorous. So, I just thought, why not share my experiences with others? I also liked the idea of teaching Dota 2 strategies to new people, or even someone teaching me a thing or two about Dota 2 (which it’s very likely). In the end, just knowing they had a good time is satisfaction enough for me.

How would you describe your streams to a new viewer?

My stream is a friendly open environment, I would like people to feel free to ask questions about anything I am doing in the game for learning or even criticism to make me better. I also encourage random conversation about any type of event or topic that may interest the chat as a whole in hopes of getting a good dialog going and make them feel more comfortable in my stream.   

You exclusively play DotA 2 – why do you like the game so much?

I love Dota 2 because it is a strategical game, you always have to problem solve the situation in front of you. Every game offers variety as well so you don’t feel like you playing the same game every time. I also enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal (destroy the ancient), and you can not do that successfully without all 5 teammates contributing positively in some fashion. 

Have you been to any esports events? Do you have a favorite team or player?

I have been to an esport event: the Dota 2 Boston major on grand finals day. It was thrilling and the community can just be great when they get together with random banter and discussions about what  a team may or may not do in their future drafts/games.  As for favorite team, that has to be Evil Geniuses because they had my favorite player on their team but now he coaches the team instead, FEAR. 

What about favorite streamer in general?

My favorite streamer has to be Wagamama, I want my Twitch stream to be a lot like his. He teaches and has fun with his chat without being rude all at the same time.

What's been your favorite streaming moment so far?

My favorite parts are when people just want to have casual conversations, communicate back, or just ask simple questions about why I make a certain move or item purchase in Dota 2. My proudest moment was my first donation which lead to the purchase of my webcam. I felt like streaming was actually paying off a little and I was getting somewhere. 

What are your goal(s) for 2017 as a streamer?

My goals for streaming in 2017 are to grow my network and provide the best experience for my viewers as possible. I want to make them feel more like a family in my stream than someone that is only striving just to grab attention. I know this will be hard for me to maintain if my network grows too large, but I will always try to make my viewer feel like their voice is being heard.