Become a featured streamer

Today, we’re announcing our new Featured Streamer Program.

Every so often, we will be handpicking one of our users and promoting them in various ways. Our selection process will vary from active users, creative use of our software,  demonstrating helpfulness in our Discord and everything in between. So what comes with being a Featured Streamer you ask? Here’s just the beginning…

  • Social: We’ll use our Twitter and other various platforms to get the word out about you and where to find you.
  • Hosting: While we don’t have a ton of followers on Twitch, it’s still growing and we’ll utilize the auto-host mode for you if you’re on that platform.
  • Discord: You’ll be the most recent post in our #FeaturedStreamer channel with where people can find you. You’ll also be denoted as a “Featured Streamer” with Discord’s role functionality.

This is just a small way that we can say, “thank you” to our users and we imagine it will become bigger as we explore new methods of promotion.

Thank you.