Today, we are proud and so very excited to announce that we are joining Teradek and the other incredible brands of Creative Solutions and The Vitec Group.

We started Lightstream in 2014 (Infiniscene back then!) with the goal of making the authentic medium of live video more approachable and powerful for storytellers. It was our goal to create new creative possibilities, so we pioneered a radically different approach powered by the cloud. We were the first to truly put an intuitive interface on the complex technologies required to stream. Since then we have seen our ideas and the ideas of the community really blossom into many products and approaches around the industry. And we continue to consider the entire creator’s journey with Rainmaker that’s entire purpose is to help understand, grow, and be supported by your community.

Today, there are over 17,000 paying customers of Lightstream Studio. There are 10s of thousands benefitting from Rainmaker. And there are new studios and live streaming platforms powered by Lightstream Cloud. We have deep, meaningful relationships with Nvidia, Xbox, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and so many more.

But we have always wanted to do more, and for that, we looked to a new partner.

When we met the teams at Teradek, Creative Solutions, and the Vitec Group, it was clear that we had met another group of people passionate about the art of storytelling. Just take a look at all of the renowned brands and products that have empowered so many creators across photography, cinema, television, and live streaming. And the entrepreneurs and engineers that built these products and technologies are still at the company continuing to grow and innovate together. It is so easy to see the powerful combinations with Lightstream, Rainmaker, Teradek, and JOBY alone. We are excited about our new teammates and the future!

The Vitec Group brands and products

For now, you won’t see any major changes to our products or team. Our focus remains on creators of all kinds and community sizes. All our wonderful people are coming along working on what they love. We have been asked to lead the way in gaming for Teradek, Creative Solutions, and Vitec Group. And we gain access to a wealth of expertise, technology, distribution, and resources. We have met so many of their kind and smart people already.

Together, we have big plans for deeper integrations, new technologies, powerful product combinations, and more to come. Thank you for your love and support over the years. We continue to be just as inspired by all of you as the day we founded the company. Thank you for being part of our story so far and we can’t wait to write Chapter 2 with you.

With gratitude,
Stu and the entire Lightstream Crew