Streaming out in the world just got easier and more professional with cloud-powered graphics, alerts and new features that keep streams from going offline when signal is lost.

CHICAGO, November 19, 2019Lightstream, the innovator in cloud-native live streaming technology, today announced its IRL (In Real Life) plan for broadcasters who stream events from their phones or mobile live streaming setups.

Streaming out in the world away from a computer and without a strong internet connection can be a challenge. Lightstream’s new IRL plan provides capabilities that streamline setup time and gear required to produce a professional stream from any location, any device and any connection.

“Part of our mission at Lightstream has been to empower new creative possibilities and our new IRL streaming plan does just that,” says Stu Grubbs, CEO of Lightstream. “Lightstream Studio is powered by our cloud-native live video editing pipeline allowing creators to set up their production in advance, remotely control it, and have their streaming video automatically produced to their specifications from anywhere in the world while in-flight to their viewers.”

With a Lightstream IRL plan, streamers set up their project and scenes via any browser-enabled device with their overlays, RTMP source and final channel destination. Broadcasting to Lightstream from any location will automatically layer on the media in that project on its way to their channel – whether that be Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live, or a custom destination. Similar to Lightstream’s unique integration with Xbox and Mixer, there is no need to have Lightstream Studio open in a browser window.


The new IRL Plan includes the following features:

  • Customize with Overlays & Alerts
    Streamers can create multiple custom layouts, upload and position overlays, and use any integrated alerts service they prefer to easily personalize their mobile or IRL broadcast to better engage their audience.
  • Auto Go Live
    Projects can be set to automatically start streaming to the broadcaster’s channel as soon as an incoming feed is detected.
  • Auto BRB
    If connection is lost, the RTMP layer will go transparent until connection is re-established. Position an image directly behind your feed that will automatically appear to keep viewers updated.
  • Disconnect Protection
    Lightstream Cloud will continue broadcasting and keeps the broadcaster’s channel live until signal is regained so the audience doesn’t leave.
  • Remote Control
    Start, stop, and switch scenes on any mobile device.
  • Stay Mobile with Headless Mode
    Go live without having Lightstream Studio open. Lightstream will automatically composite on your layers in the cloud.
  • Max Quality & Duration Increase
    Stream at 720p 60 fps with no limits on the length of broadcast.

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About Lightstream
Lightstream is a Chicago-based startup built with a true passion for live video production, gaming and supporting the explosive growth of creators and their communities. Its cloud-based technology and products transform difficult technical hurdles into streamlined workflows. Lightstream empowers creators to effortlessly share their passion, talent, and creativity on live streaming platforms like Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and more.