Stream with up to 4 players using any broadcast software. Send to multiple destinations so everyone’s viewers can watch the action.

Stand Out
Give your followers a unique viewing experience – showing each player’s view of the match and your reactions.

Have Fun
Great collaboration and cross-promotion opportunities with other streamers!

Using Prism to multistream pubg

Easy Setup
Simply share the project URL. Each player can get their streamkey, set their destination, and see a preview of all streams to make sure the feeds are being received.

Use any broadcast software
OBS? XSplit? No problem. No learning curve.

Multi-Input & Output
Receive streams from up to 4 players and send the final broadcast to multiple destinations.

Upload your own overlay.


Can I make a viewpoint larger?

Yep! Just hit that “Solo” button and it will takeover the screen.

Do my settings save for future streams?

Nope, this is intentional and everything is cleared so you’ll need re-authenticate platform logins and more.

Can I close the Prism project window after I’m live?

One person needs to always have the project window open while streaming.

What if someone leaves during the stream?

The stream will continue but there will be a black rectangle where they previously were. If someone uses the same stream key then their stream will appear there as well. If you want to change the number of players, you will need to end your stream and launch a new Prism project though.

What broadcasting software is supported?

Anything that can broadcast to a custom RTMP destination including OBS, XSplit, and Gameshow.

Multistream with Friends