The Sean and Thomas Show podcast focuses on conversations with Chicago Tech leaders. This week, our CTO Jenny Farver sat down to talk about her career path, what to consider when growing a team, what drew her to Lightstream, and where our engineering culture is heading.

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From Sean and Thomas:
We had a great conversation with Jenny Farver, the newly named CTO of Lightstream. Jenny is on her second CTO position and has lots of great advice about life as a Chicago tech leader. We talk about what it’s like to go from developer to technology leader and the challenges associated with it.

About the Show:
Welcome to The Sean and Thomas Show! Being involved in the Chicago Tech community the past 4 years, we’ve met some really amazing people. This show brings those stories and conversations to you. We’ll be chatting with Chicago tech founders, freelancers, developers, marketers, and friends. Reach out at with any questions or feedback 🙂