In between working our booth, we also managed to slip away and snap photos from DreamHack’s inaugural North American event. Take a look below at some of our favorite moments throughout the weekend.

DreamHack line


The line to get into the hall prior to the 3PM opening was quite impressive. It was great to see this kind of turnout so early on a Friday.

DreamHack Rocket League viewers

Some attendees even passed the time on line by watching other streams, Rocket League was the game of choice here.

DreamHack monitor protection

Pillow + bungee cord = monitor protection.

DreamHack BYOC empty

BYOC attendees begin filing in right as doors open.

DreamHack BYOC filled

A few hours later everyone was up and running.

DreamHack Overwatch at BYOC

Overwatch seemed to be one of the more popular titles being played all weekend due to the open beta access. Also, please note the sweet spider tower.

DreamHack case modes at BYOC

Here’s but one of the more impressive case mods we noticed over the weekend. It was a little reminiscent of a car show with everyone wanting to show off their gear.

DreamHack VR user

VR users make great photo subjects since they’re unaware you’re taking the photo.

DreamHack HOTS Stage

Here was the Heroes of the Storm stage in between a match.

DreamHack CS:GO Stage

Over on the CS:GO stage, Cloud9 and CLG squared off.

DreamHack Team Liquid fan

A Team Liquid fan watches in disbelief as the American favorites get knocked out by Luminosity after almost mounting the comeback.

DreamHack product tour with Stu Grubbs

Over at our booth, we were giving product demos and a chance to win some SteelSeries Siberia 200’s.

DreamHack whiskey tumblers

One of our MLG Columbus trip winners, Cole, gifted us with some awesome whiskey tumblers. We’ve already put them to good use :^)

DreamHack Stu Grubbs

Stu re-enacts the age-old question, “How do Dark Templars text?”.

DreamHack Warpath guys

The Warpath guys even stopped by with a custom-made shirt for us. Thanks again guys!

We’re now in open beta, get your stream started today.