Looking to become a more successful streamer? Here are some tips you should follow to make your streaming career a success. 

Mental fortitude

If you are seriously interested in becoming a successful streamer, there are two qualities that stand out above all others: 1) perseverance and 2) motivation. Building a community usually takes a lot of time and is not something that happens overnight. Especially in the beginning it is common to not have many (if any) viewers and many new streamers lose their motivation to keep trying. 

But if you continue despite the sobering viewer numbers and deliver a stream that entertains and highlights your unique personality, you’ll find ways to leverage and get motivated by small successes and your community will grow slowly but surely.

Involve your viewers in the stream

Interacting with viewers is especially important early on, but is always something you should be doing as often as possible. There are several ways to integrate your viewers. Mention them by name when they write something in the chat, or you can ask them questions which they then answer in the chat. Running small competitions is a good way to get them interacting and tuning in. Many streamers also host movie or game nights where they’ll watch movies or play games with members of their community. 

Involving your viewers makes them feel welcome and comfortable, which increases the chance that they will visit your stream again.  

Create a schedule for your stream  

An example stream scheduleMost streamers establish a consistent weekly schedule. It should clearly show all of your streaming times for each day of the week. This way your viewers know when they can watch you and make sure they’re available at the times you normally stream. 

In practice, it has also proven to be extremely useful if you always stream at the same times. That means you should choose 2-3 days a week when you have time and stream at the same times every week. Not only does this help you establish a rhythm and create consistent streaming habits, people usually watch streams around the same time each day that works for their schedule which allows you to be available more regularly to the same group of viewers.  This way your community knows exactly when you are live and can look forward to you. 

Twitch has a built-in schedule tab. Just head to your Channel Preferences to edit your schedule.

Use social networks

Social networks have become indispensable in today’s world. There you have the possibility to advertise your stream and you can also give your community some private insights into your life. You can strengthen the connection to your community considerably, because your viewers can identify with you even better.    

Consistent branding

Overlays designed by Own3dThe last tip we would like to recommend is to use professional designs. To become successful as a streamer it is no longer enough to just deliver good content. The complete package has to be right and that includes the appearance of your stream. In short: You have to stand out from the crowd and your stream should look professional and reflect your unique personality. Specifically, you should make sure that you use overlays, panels, emotes, alerts and banners that harmonize with each other and enhance your stream and your channel. This increases the probability that viewers will watch your channel a little bit more closely and in the best case leave a subscription. You can find a variety of design elements in the OWN3D online shop. Most of them can be easily integrated via Lightstream to take your console stream to the next level.C