Streaming with a guest or friend is great for podcasts, talk-shows, or even just adding some more liveliness to your stream.  Currently, it’s a complicated hack job of Skype, Hangouts, or some other video chat app. Then you need to crop all these duplicated captures and hopefully it all works.

So, we created Green Room. You can bring up to 7 remote guests on your stream. No need for them to install or download anything. Simply send them your Green Room link. You’ll be able to stream together so long as they have the link open.

Upon joining, you’ll be able to talk to each other via video chat or a text box. Adding your guest’s camera is just like adding your own and can be found under the “Add Webcam” option.  It’s that simple!

We’re really excited to roll Green Room out and can’t wait to see what you create with it.


Q: Can I add Display or Window assets in addition to my guest cams?
A: Yes, but please make sure to mute the System Default audio of these assets to ensure there’s no echo from your guest’s audio.

Q: If I generate a new invite link will my old invite link expire?
A: Yes, your old invite link will expire immediately and a new room for your guests will be generated and all previous/current guests will be disconnected.

Q: How long do invite links last?
A: An invite link will last indefinitely until you generate a new one.

Q: Is there a max amount of guests I can bring onto my stream?
A: At the moment we have a max of 7 guests. [Updated: 10/2/17]

Q: Can my guests change their name?
A: Yes, upon clicking the invite link, the guest can change the default text (“Guest”) to whatever they like.


Fix on the changelog

On top of releasing Green Room in this update, we’ve also included a slew of bug fixes and improvements!


  • Hitting the delete button at the top of the assets bar doesn’t delete an audio asset by default now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio sources to display they were in use when they actually were not.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “No Assets” dialog box to disappear even though an audio asset was added.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio to overlap when additional assets were added.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio to not come through on stream correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio assets to be leftover in the project despite not appearing in the actual interface.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple displays to duplicate the same audio sources.
  • Fixed a bug that caused paired audio assets to disconnect due to a page refresh.
  • Fixed a bug that affected browser camera audio selection.


  • Browser cameras now appear correctly in thumbnails for scenes and projects.
  • Users are now shown a message stating they need to allow access to microphone and camera when they have previously denied access for Browser cameras to function properly.
  • More than one browser camera can now be added to your scene if you have multiple cameras.
  • Fixed a bug that caused previously deactivated browser cameras to not be activated again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused browser cameras to not activate despite being shown in preview.
  • Fixed a bug that caused browser cameras to not show on broadcast after logging out and logging back in.

Text Files:

  • Fixed a bug that caused text files to not transfer to a new scene when that scene was duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text files to not appear while live.


  • Failed assets (i.e. “a camera is already in use”) are quicker to identify as failed than before.
  • Double clicking the URL of an alert or custom URL asset will no longer force you into changing the title of the asset.
  • The title of the text asset in the asset layer box doesn’t change when text is edited on the canvas now.
  • The alert asset URL box does not get cut off in the asset list now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a stream to not end after a user had logged out while streaming.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a secondary PC to replace your primary PC in the device list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a newly added account to become active if a user was currently streaming.
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to see an infinite loading animation upon uploading an image.
  • Fixed a bug that caused assets in the layer box to cycle around.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text assets that were selected to be black to actually be grey.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text to appear cut-off in the actual thumbnail but not on the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug that caused layers to immediately move around once a layer was dragged. We’ve now added a placeholder so this doesn’t happen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused images to not properly appear on stream
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘Project Delete’ function to disappear on the Project page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Capture Card menu to disappear when a single computer was disconnected.