Since going into open beta, we’ve been hard at work identifying bugs that users have seen and now we’ve just pushed an update that should have eradicated them. Take a look below at the list of changes and let us know if you run into any yourself.


  • Ability to switch microphones while live
  • Reset an asset’s size from within the crop menu
  • Resized projects don’t fill thumbnail space anymore
  • Decimal points do not disappear from text fields anymore
  • Adjusting TwitchAlerts URL no longer sends your cursor to end of input field
  • Avatar now shows up on mobile app
  • Can now rename project from project selection screen
  • Stroke now displays the same in editor vs. on stream
  • TwitchAlerts previews come through regardless of being selected
  • TwitchAlerts chat widget now shows
  • Delay slider now functional
  • [Mac ?] Color picker does not navigate away from page


  • Support for Logitech C270 webcam
  • Safari users notified to switch browsers upon login (Sorry Safari)
  • Performance enhancements added to our engine


Thank you to all the users and testers who have helped us in identifying these bugs, we really appreciate it.


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