Changelogs: April 2021

April 21st Changelog Fixes Fixed an issue where video files would play their audio inside of users’ projects Resolved an issue where adblock extensions could prevent the subscription payment form from loading Users should know be able to upload images once again when using the subdomain Uploading images directly to a slideshow layer will […]

Changelogs: March 2021

March 17th Changelog Browser Source Added a new option under our 3rd Party Integrations for “Browser Source” This option will allow you bring in outside URLs that you’d like to incorporate into your broadcast Not all URLs will be available to add to your stream as some websites may block the ability to embed their […]

Changelogs: February 2021

February 10th Changelog Fixes Fixed an issue preventing users from going live to Facebook Pages We’ve resolved an issue where 720p60 and 1080p30 broadcasts were sometimes sending a lower bitrate than intended February 3rd Changelog Fixes Hitting enter while adjusting a layer’s crop setting will no longer cause issues resulting in the crop not being […]

Changelogs: January 2021

January 13th Changelog Fixes Deleting a locked layer after unlocking it will now properly delete the layer from your scene Resolved a rare issue with projects and scenes being unable to be created The locked status of a Game Source will now persist correctly after refreshing Lightstream Changes Users can no longer delete all of […]

Changelogs: December 2020

December 16th Changelog Fixes Users will no longer be prompted to leave reviews more often than intended December 9th Changelog Fixes Our support chat will no longer get in the way of your destination’s chat in the right hand broadcast bar Our support chat can now be accessed prior to signing up for a Lightstream […]

Changelogs: November 2020

November 18th Changelog Fixes New 1080p projects will now properly be created at 1920×1080 Corrected an issue where users on 720p 30 fps plans’ projects were being incorrectly created at 720p 60 fps resulting in errors when going live Fixed an issue where setting auto-live on a project would break other projects’ resolutions Fixed an […]

Changelogs: October 2020

October 28th Changelog Fixes Fixed various issues with video files failing to display on stream or failing to display on your canvas after uploading Resolved an issue that prevented access to the mobile remote’s website Changes Implemented a new design for our destination settings drawer to provide a cleaner experience October 21st Changelog Fixes Resolved […]

Changelogs: September 2020

September 30th Changelog Improvements Optimized our payment form for quicker loading times September 23rd Changelog Rewards Program Introducing the Lightstream referral program. Users will now find an “Earn Rewards” section by clicking the Lightstream logo in the top left corner of their project. Any users you refer will receive 25% off their first month’s subscription […]

Changelogs: August 2020

August 26th Changelog Fixes Resolved an issue where ending a stream would improperly trigger Twitch’s disconnection protection when a user went offline Users will now correctly see an error message displayed when their payment fails to go through Changes Users will now be charged immediately when changing their payment method after a failed subscription payment […]

Changelogs: July 2020

July 29th Changelog Improvements Made improvements to our systems to increase stability of broadcasts Fixes Resolved an edge case where the broadcasts of users with weaker connections would end unexpectedly Streams will now time out properly and end when a user’s console suddenly disconnects from the internet while broadcasting Deleting your Lightstream account will now […]