Facebook streamers rejoice, we’ve just added the ability to stream directly to a group or event page.  Simply select your destination from the stream settings drawer and start streaming. We’ve also added support for AVerMedia capture cards, made our tutorial even quicker, and more. Read on for the full rundown.

Added on the changelog

  • More Facebook Options: Stream directly to a group or event page that you are an admin of.
    • Be sure to use the new Account Refresh tool if you’ve just been added to a group or event.
    • We’ve also added helpful messaging in the editor to guide you through updating your permissions if needed.
  • AverMedia capture cards are now supported.

Changed on the changelog

  • Quicker Tutorial: A speedier experience to get you streaming faster.
  • Filepicker Updates: We tidied up a bit and added some brand new images for your use.
  • Easy access to download our software right from the account menu should you need it.

Fix on the changelog

  • Fixed an issue that would bring down a stream when a video device activates.
  • Fixed an issue that created a memory leak when the computer is put into sleep mode or a mode that causes threads to pause (i.e. ctrl-alt-del screen).


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