Now that our new and improved client is in the wild, we will be getting back to more regularly scheduled changelog releases. The majority of the updates you see below were made to make the editor more organized or refine the newly released engine. They’re all live on the site now so go check them out and let us know what you think.

Added to our changelog

  • New Loading Screen: It’s bouncy!
  • Simpler Movement: Click and drag to position any asset quickly.
  • Simpler Selection: Select an asset underneath another asset by double clicking.

Changed in our changelog

  • Cleaned up Account Settings: We hate clutter and now you can see a snapshot of your past 30 days.
  • Black Canvas: We’ll never go back.
  • Separate Asset Organization: Capture cards and Webcams now have their own categories to keep it simple.
  • Performance Improvements: You should notice decreased CPU usage in the web application now.

Fixed in our changelog

  • De-activations caused by modifying audio or aspect ratios should be a thing of the past now.
  • Audio tied to a webcam is now properly labeled.
  • Mobile site now properly displays correct account information and the correct related previews.
  • Accounts delete in their entirety now. Why would you want to do that though?
  • Users that delete that their account can now properly reconnect again if they want to use the service again. Welcome back and don’t even think about leaving again 🙂
  • Ending your Facebook stream actually causes it to end now. Your aunt in Minnesota didn’t need to see that terrible second game of Overwatch anyway.


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