In the latest update, we’ve made it easier to change your audio source if you were using our service without software installed. Previously, you would need to go into your browser’s options and modify it that way but no more! We’ve also made improvements to better indicate you when your updates are being pushed live using the Quick Scene Switch feature, added alphabetical sorting for Facebook groups, and more. Read on for the full rundown.

Added on the changelog

  • Easier access to change an audio source if you were using a webcam without Infiniscene installed.

Changed on the changelog

  • Quick Scene Switch Updates: Added ‘Send to Live’ icon to signify when a user has pushed their new changes.
  • Facebook groups, pages, and events are now listed alphabetically for easier sorting.
  • Text files can now be read from one subdirectory for added organization.
  • Better customer service experience through our new and improved administrator portal.

Fix on the changelog

  • Fixed an issue that reverted canvas resolutions between different projects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause computers to deactivate and reset upon connecting.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Infiniscene from starting on computers running 32-bit Windows.
  • General improvement to stability through witchcraft and wizardry.


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