Happy April! There’s an old poem that includes something to the effect of, “April showers bring May flowers”. That’s cool and all but we like ours better:

“April rain is a pain,
we’re all a little bit wetter,
but at least that means,
there’s time for dank memes,
and updates to make streaming better.”

– Stu & Zach

So, enjoy our new update and stay out of the rain.

Added on the changelog

  • Tooltips next to each of the assets in the “Add Asset” menu to provide more information on what each asset is.

Changed on the changelog

  • Better resolution in browser based webcams.

Fix on the changelog

  • Fixed a bug that caused a text asset with width only slightly bigger than the text itself to be cut off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a user to not be able to complete the tutorial if they didn’t have a webcam.
  • Fixed a bug that caused browser cameras to disconnect if a user changed their audio source.
  • Fixed a bug that caused guest’s audio to echo if you added them to multiple scenes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to see a continually see a blurred screen upon login.


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