We’ve been pushing smaller, more frequent updates to Lightstream to get fixes and improvements out faster. We’re switching up our changelog format to reflect the change in pace. Instead of a new post each time, we’ll be updating this post through the month each time there’s a new release.

May 11th

New Features:

  • Added a toggle in the properties bar for 3rd party integration layers. It adds the ability to resize the area of 3rd party integration layers. Now you can adjust the layer width/height for overlays, donation bars, chat widgets, alert text, and event lists without scaling everything together.


  • Users should no longer be able to end up on a blank editor when logging in. 
  • When using Firefox, we’ll let you know when your webcam can’t be accessed because it’s being used by another program.
  • Studio – Green room guests will be notified if they fail to connect to our servers.

May 9th


  • Alerts will now correctly play audio in the preview while live
  • Video files with special characters will now show correctly


  • Internal logging improved to more accurately and quickly identify possible issues
  • Webcam and screenshare logging improved to assist in troubleshooting


  • Preparation for Alert resizing implemented
  • Preparation for synchronization improvements
  • Revived the #streams channel in our Discord server! Instructions will be posted shorly on how to utilize this channel

May 2nd

New Features:

  • GawkBox, Loots, and StreamElements added to 3rd Party Integrations
    (Please use OBS or Xsplit links on Loots dashboard to ensure transparency)


  • Accepted image file types now specified when uploading
  • Scenes now show the proper preview on their thumbnails
  • Improved infrastructure to enable faster response times and more frequent updates.
  • Firefox users are now able to get past the initial welcome modal