September 30th Changelog


  • Optimized our payment form for quicker loading times

September 23rd Changelog

Rewards Program

  • Introducing the Lightstream referral program. Users will now find an “Earn Rewards” section by clicking the Lightstream logo in the top left corner of their project. Any users you refer will receive 25% off their first month’s subscription and you’ll get a $4 credit towards your own!



  • Fixed an issue that resulted in payment options not loading when attempting to subscribe to a paid plan
  • [GAMER PROJECTS] Resolved an issue where starting a console broadcast with no Gamer Projects set to Auto Live would result in the user being unable to switch scenes


  • [CREATOR PROJECTS] Adjusted the look and feel of the Go Live, Update Stream, and End Stream buttons

September 9th Changelog


  • Fixed an issue where broadcasts from the Xbox Twitch app would mysteriously end at 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • Broadcasts using Custom RTMP to a Facebook scheduled post will now correctly go live to the post

September 2nd Changelog

New Features

  • Twitch Xbox App Integration
    • All Lightstream subscribers can now bring their Xbox streams directly into their Gamer Projects by selecting the “Lightstream” destination on their Twitch App’s broadcast settings


  • Improved routing of users to Lightstream servers based on their location


  • Users with no Auto Live projects will now have their first project set to Auto Live when going live from their console
  • Gamer plan subscribers are now no longer able to delete all of their gamer projects in order to prevent issues going live
  • Users can no longer navigate to other projects while live
  • Projects will now automatically update to the highest available resolution when a user upgrades their plan type
  • Users can now access all of their account settings from mobile devices