Godfall has recently dropped their new Primal update which includes new endgame content such as ascension levels, primal items, ascended Tower of Trials, and much more.

To mark the occasion, we have created a special Godfall overlay theme free for all Lightstream subscribers and the Godfall community.

Our team wanted to capture the esthetics of the world, while keeping it minimal to fully showcase the game you are playing. This includes several alerts, space for social information, webcam frame, and more. 

Check out the preview below.

Lightstream Subscribers

Simply log in and the theme can be found when adding a new image to your overlay.

Not a Lightstream user?

You can download the theme directly from us below.

Godfall Overlay

Interested in streaming with Lightstream?

Live stream Godfall directly from your Playstation 5 with the new overlay and alerts. For a limited time you can get 25% off your Lightstream subscription until March 1st if you use code “GODFALLSTREAM” at checkout. For more information check us out.

Tell us what you think of the overlay by tagging us on Twitter, @Lightstream and @PlayGodfall