Accepting tips from viewers is a great way for streamers to start monetizing their stream – especially if you haven’t made Twitch Partner status which unlocks additional revenue channels. With, you can easily accept tips via your creator site. Once you have setup tips in Rainmaker, just make sure the “Profile Tip Button” option is checked in your My Site settings.

We’ve provided some graphics below that you can add to your Twitch profile to let your viewers know how they can financially support you. Here’s how to add them:

  1. Download the image you want to add to your Twitch profile
  2.  On Twitch, click your avatar in the upper right corner and select “Channel”
  3. Click the “About” tab
  4. Here you’ll see your channel profile. Below your About information you’ll see your Twitch panels. These display below your stream whenever you are live. Flip the “Edit Panels” switch to get into editing mode.

Upload the image you chose. Here’s the important part: Link the image to your creator site ( This gives your viewers a clear call to action. Once they hit your Rainmaker site there’s an easy-to-follow “Tip Me” button to show their appreciation.



Want to create your own custom tip panel but still show Rainmaker some love?
Download logos and review brand colors on our Brand Assets page.