Get ready for Halloween by making sure that your Twitch channel is scary and festive. In this article, we’ll uncover a few tips to follow this holiday, such as how to spruce up your Twitch channel and what games you can stream on Halloween.

Benefits of Running Special Halloween Themed Streams

Make this Halloween unconventional by hosting a themed stream. Due to the pandemic, it makes sense to move your costume party online this year. Why not celebrate Halloween while streaming themed games?

Here are some benefits of running a Halloween Twitch stream:

  • Shake up your usual content schedule with a special event. It’s a great chance to show off your creativity and produce some really unique content.
  • Halloween Twitch streaming may attract new and returning followers to your channel.
  • Halloween-themed games are perfect for Twitch streaming. There’s a myriad of options to choose from – we showcase several a little later in this post.
  • Themed graphic overlays and emotes can bring the mood to life in your stream chat. Spice up your Twitch channel with Halloween trinkets.

Ideas for Running Halloween Streams

Check these tips to bring your Halloween stream to the next level.

1. Update Your Profile

Get a Halloween Twitch design for your channel. You can build your own, hire a designer, or pick one up from a design studio that specializes in stream templates. There are lots of Halloween Twitch overlays on the market to choose from – both free and paid options are available. In addition to your overlay graphics, don’t forget to update your Twitch panels, chat boxes, alerts, and emotes to really give your channel a seasonal makeover. This is a great opportunity to try out something new and see if you can learn anything to apply to your regular channel layout. 

Nerd or Die Halloween Twitch Overlay

2. Put On a Halloween Costume

Halloween is a boo-tiful holiday to become someone else. Whether you’re Reaper from Overwatch, a Bloodborne hunter, or a Stardew Valley farmer – dress up to make the stream memorable and attract more viewers. You can look for used costumes online, rent one, or bring out your inner cosplayer and make it yourself. If your costume is related to the games you’re going to stream on Halloween, that’s a bonus! Think over the makeup as well to compliment your garment. If you’re not sure what to wear on Halloween, no worries, just ask your followers! Run a poll or throw out a question and your chat will be overloaded with ideas in a blink.

3. Do Something Different!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do something a little different with your community. Spooky games are the go to thought here but what about something outside of gaming? Maybe a pumpkin carving contest or some spooky baking or crafts!

For these kinds of things you can make everything easy with Lightstream Studio 2! You can get into it without worrying about the long process or setting up a new stream, or producing on the fly while your hands are full of pumpkin guts.


4. Involve Your Community

Twitch is all about having fun. Your followers are always looking to interact with you and have a great time. Think of ways to involve them directly into the stream. You could collect photos before the stream and run a costume contest, swap scary stories, or invite them to play games with you. 

Chat is another great way to get the audience to participate. You could try raising money for charity, running giveaways, or write custom bot commands to play scary sounds to create some hilarious jump scare moments. Create a choose your own adventure scary story and use chat polls so your audience can direct which way the plot turns. Make sure your audience has a reason to stay on your channel.

5. Make It a Party!

A great Halloween stream can help you get closer to your community. Why not host a Twitch party on this holiday? Invite your streamer friends and arrange a special Halloween stream. Think over what games are ideal to stream together. Consider wearing Halloween costumes that compliment each other. Having favorite broadcasters gathered together will help bring awareness of your channel to new audiences and is a great cross-promotion tool. Plus, it will give you a way to bounce ideas and conversation off each other in entertaining new ways that you sometimes miss when streaming solo. 

The Lightstream crew enjoys some Dead by Daylight.

6. Promote Your Stream

You’ve spent this time building something really special for your community – don’t forget to tell them about it! Start building hype early and often. Post regularly on your favorite social media channels to build anticipation for the stream. Consider hinting at a few surprises to come – maybe some clues about your costume for the stream? If you’re doing anything interactive – make sure your audience comes prepared. Hype up your special Halloween Twitch stream in your other broadcasts leading up to the big day. Let your followers know what you’re going to stream and why they should tune in.

Best Games to Play on Halloween

Back 4 Blood

1. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a new first-person shooter developed by creators of the Left 4 Dead franchise. This Halloween-themed game is entirely focused on spellbinding gameplay to keep you in the action all the time.

It has all sorts of cool stuff from different weapons modeled after real firearms to hidden items scattered throughout the map for players to discover. While trying their best not to become zombie food. The gameplay can be both single-player as well as multiplayer so feel free to invite some friends over if they’re around.

Dead by Daylight Twitch Halloween Stream

2. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a horror game that requires four players to face one player-controlled monster. It’s a perfect choice for a Halloween stream party!

The Four Survivors need to work together and make the right decisions to defeat The Killer. Survivor or Wraith. When playing as the killer, it’s up to them whether they want their victims to be able-bodied survivors or helpless souls. As a survivor, your task is more difficult because of limited resources. And The Killer lurking around every corner trying to get an axe on your head!

Five Nights at Freddy's Twitch Halloween Stream Game Suggestion

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is another Halloween game that is worth considering. The task of the player is to survive for five nights facing animatronic robots. The atmosphere in this horror survival video game will keep you on edge throughout the whole playthrough, be prepared!

If monsters appearing out of nowhere and attacking players can sound quite terrifying, but when you take Five Nights At Freddy’s into consideration there’s nothing to fear. Because all four characters are completely harmless – unless they get too close!

Grim Dawn Twitch Halloween Game Stream

4. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is ideal for those who want to plunge into the apocalyptic fantasy world. It’s the perfect Halloween game for you if you’ve always wanted to explore a dark, dangerous world full of crafts and quests.

Grim Dawn is an action RPG game that pits players against hordes of terrifying monsters to protect what little remains from being devoured by darkness. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, it offers endless opportunities for character development.


The Wrapping Word

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Twitch content, a Halloween themed stream (or week) may be just what Dr. Frankenstein ordered. Use the tips and suggestions we provided here as a jumping off point to dive into your own macabre creations. Happy Halloween!