With Thanksgiving behind us, we’re officially into the season of giving. If you’re a streamer yourself, know someone who streams or maybe you just play games then this is the gift guide for you. We’ve gone ahead and collected some of our favorite products around no matter what your budget is. 

$0 - $50

SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pad [$10]: Get a nice house for that mouse.

League of Legends Figures [$20]: Decorate your desk with these awesome action figures.

Acoustic Panels [$20]
 Getting too much echo in your room? These will help.

The Division [$22]:
 While the game’s launch had a rocky start, it’s really gotten better through various updates. Get it while it’s cheap.

Green Screen [$30]:
 Looking to make use of the chroma key feature on your stream? Look no further.

Logitech C310 [$32]: Not ready to splurge on the C920 or C922? This is a great entry level webcam.

Overwatch [$40]: One of the biggest hits of the year.

SteelSeries Rival 300 [$40]: Great value for the price.

Titanfall 2 [$44]One of the most underrated games of the year. 

Lighting Kit [$50]: It’s important to properly light yourself when streaming.


$50 - $100

Razer DeathAdder [$56]: In need for a new mouse? There’s a reason why this one is so popular.

Logitech C920 [$60]: One of the most used webcams for all streamers.

Samsung 250GB SSD [$73]: A great SSD option if you’re in the market. Choice of 250GB, 500GB, 1TB,  2TB, and 4TB options depending on your budget/needs.

Xbox Design Lab Controller [$79]: Go on and design that pretty controller that you’ve always wanted.

ASTRO A38 [$83]: Our favorite travel headphones – no wires and noise canceling. 

Blue Yeti Mic [$95]: Still one of the most used microphones around.

SteelSeries Arctis [$100] Debuted earlier this year, this is a great headset with a solid microphone.

ASTRO Scout Bag [$100]: Still the best bag for toting around your console.


$100 - $250

Corsair Strafe Silent Keyboard [$132] A solid keyboard coupled with the fact that it’s not loud so you won’t pick it up in your microphone. 

Xbox Elite Controller [$149]:  Microsoft’s answer to the Scuf controller. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x [$159]: If you’re going the separate microphone route, these are a great complimentary headphone.

Elgato HD60 [$175]: One of the most used capture cards around. Great for recording or streaming your console games.

Acer 24″ Monitor w/ 144Hz Refresh Rate [$192]:  Buttery frame rate? Check.

USB Audio Interace [$99] + Condenser Microphone Bundle [$130] If you wanna elevate your microphone game for much added clarity then both of these will get you there.

$250 +

PS4 500GB + Uncharted 4 [$289]: Slimmer and comes with the highest reviewed game of all year. 

Xbox One S 500GB Bundle + Free Game [$299]: Slimmer, 4k capable, and comes with 2 games.

GTX 1070 Graphics Card [$399]: One of the best graphics cards out there only beaten out by the….

GTX 1080 Graphics Card [$650] Go big or go home, right?

HTC Vive [$800] The king of VR right now. 

Razer Blade [$1800]: A laptop that’s VR ready and has a GTX 1060 inside? Yes, please. 

Staff Picks

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner [$20]:  A few of us have a sneaker buying habit so this is a necessity.

Cards Against Humanity – Green Box [$20]: 300 brand new cards.

Flaviar Membership [$20/month] Rare alcohol sent to your door each month. The future is now.

Catan [$35]: A classic at a very low price.

Chrome Cast [$35 or $69]:  The easiest way to wirelessly stream entertainment from your computer to the TV.

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation [$75]:  Apple vs. Android debates aside, we all appreciate Apple in some way.

Kanto Desktop Speakers [$229]: Great sound from such a small package.


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