Live streaming is a perfect at-home activity with very little setup, you can put good out into the world and feel more connected with others. If you’re looking to test the live streaming waters, here are some ideas to get you started, using what you already have at home: 

1. Share your current at-home workout routine.

2. Play your favorite video game.

3. Try out a new recipe or unbox your groceries together.

4. Grab a book and read aloud for a virtual storytime. During times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many publishers (such as: Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster) loosened their licensing restrictions to allow this.

5. Bring followers along on your journey to learn a Tik Tok dance.

6. Live stream your podcast and invite friends as guests.

7. Give viewers a tour of your home, MTV Cribs style (yes, of course that means show everyone what’s inside your fridge)

8. Perform a song

Get Streaming