Pricing is one of the great challenges of building a product. On one hand, you want everyone to benefit from the incredible thing you are building and for it to have as much of an impact as possible. On the other hand, food and shelter turn out to be some very essential needs for life. After all, Infiniscene wasn’t free to build and some very talented people & their families depend on Infiniscene to provide for them.

Just a few months ago at TwitchCon, we announced pricing for Infiniscene. While a few people said they could only use free products, we talked to hundreds of users over many months that said that the price of $10 was a steal considering all the value we were providing for that price. Overall, our pricing was positively received and we were planning to launch soon. But something still didn’t feel right…

Earlier this year we got our team together and declared the following as our mission:

To build innovative, powerful creative software that empowers more storytellers & grows the communities in which they tell them.

That mission guides our product, our team, and our values on our path to empower as many people as possible to share what they love with a live audience. Whether you have a small audience of your friends on Facebook Live or thousands of fans on Twitch, we value them all. We want to see more people happily and easily sharing what they love. That storytellers, creators, gamers, and entertainers find success no matter how they may define it.

That is why we have decided to keep Infiniscene a free live streaming studio.

This decision didn’t come easily. We will need to continue working hard to develop future features, products, and services that we can potentially charge for so our team and their families can continue to work, live, and be happy. For now, all features of Infiniscene are freely available to our entire community. Someday, we may structure some of our features into paid services or a “Pro” plan. But the essence of our product… the ability to easily share your story or perspective… is free.

Thank you for your continued love and support! Our entire team is wishing you good vibes, love, and success in the new year.

 ❤ Stu + Team Infiniscene