You’ve been with us on the journey, and it’s only continuing. 

Lightstream has been creating software that makes streaming more accessible to everyone since 2015, from the console gamer to the developer, and our team continues to find new problems to solve. We started with Lightstream Gamer, revolutionizing the way console gamers can start streaming without big upfront costs and technical wizardry of a traditional streaming setup. We built Lightstream Creator for the IRL, mobile, and talk show creators, giving them control and polish to their streams without the PC demands and endless layout edits. We built, a livestreaming production API for developers to build a custom streaming studio for their unique needs. And now, we’re building the streaming software that the creator economy needs and deserves. Welcome Studio 2 to the Lightstream family of products.

We’ve taken our years of experience and pushed them to create a product that makes streaming a professional setup easy, fast, and un-intimidating. Auto-adjusting layouts to fit whatever (or whoever) you’re putting on stream, all seamlessly moving without endless click-and-drag, all from your browser, so you don’t need a powerhouse PC to run it. 

We’ve built a lot, but we have so much more to do, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey. We’ll be in touch with frequent dev updates, and we’ll tailor our development pipeline to the needs of our community. Please come along, we can’t do it without you. 

Existing users get to check out these updates for free, but if you haven’t hopped on the Lightstream train yet, you can get started over here.

Thanks, and happy streaming!