Lightstream levels up for the creator community

The Chicago-based streaming startup expands paid plans, while continuing to offer free options 

CHICAGO, February 17, 2020 — Live streaming leader Lightstream today announced a critical milestone in its commitment to offering best-in-class broadcast solutions for all creators. Effective immediately, its premier offering, Lightstream Studio, is accessible through three tiers. 

“We started with a paid plan for a specific group of creators in November” said CEO Stu Grubbs. “After a successful initial launch, we feel confident the Lightstream Studio we’re offering today works, and works really well. We always wanted to be sure that if we offered paid plans, that Studio had the features, capabilities, and quality to make it worth the money.” 

The team at Lightstream has dedicated five years to developing advanced cloud-based production tools that solve some of the biggest problems facing today’s creators. Lightstream Studio gives users the ability to go live in minutes with unrestricted creative control over their content. Their patented cloud live streaming technology moves the workload on to its servers instead of the creator’s computer. The cloud-native streaming studio empowers new possibilities like remote sources, guest stars, and more. Plus, users are able to access their projects and streaming setup from any browser. 

“We’ve seen strong cues from the community that Lightstream Studio is delivering the value it needs to,” CTO Jenny Farver stated. “The time it takes a new user to start their first stream dramatically dropped in 2019 – I’m talking by almost 100% – and their streams are nearly 160% longer.”

With the introduction of Studio plans, creators can choose whichever tier is best suited to their creative needs: Professional (starting at $89/month), Creator ($20/month), and a Free Studio option. If you have a Mixer Pro account, these changes DO NOT affect your account. A Mixer Pro subscription is all that is required to enjoy unlimited use of our special Mixer Project in Lightstream Studio. Each plan grants access to Lightstream Studio’s intuitive creative environment, powerful cloud technology, and live 1:1 support team.


For more information on Lightstream Studio plans, please visit: Be sure to follow Lightstream on Twitter for the latest updates and community happenings.

About Lightstream

Lightstream is a Chicago-based startup built with a true passion for live video production, gaming and supporting the explosive growth of creators and their communities. Its cloud-based technology and products transform difficult technical hurdles into streamlined workflows. Lightstream empowers creators to effortlessly share their passion, talent, and creativity on live streaming platforms like Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and more.