Our platform is about you, the creator. 

That’s why I’m sharing this with our community. Today we announced an expansion of Studio to offer three plans: Free, Creator (starting at $20/month), and Professional (previously called “IRL”: starting at $89/month) when purchased annually. 

Didn’t you just add a paid plan?

Yea, and it went great! The goal was to focus on one group of creators for our first paid plan by offering something specifically to the IRL community. Now, after a successful initial launch, we feel confident the Lightstream Studio we’re offering today works, and works really well. 

I want to get real with you: we don’t take the decision to charge for Lightstream Studio lightly. We opted for a cloud-based system because it significantly enhances your experience. When content lives on the cloud, there’s a cost associated with every minute of every stream. For years, we have covered that cost until we knew we were offering you something worth paying for. We’re worth it today, and I hope you’ll explore the plans and give us the chance to prove that to you, stream after stream.

The new plans ensure we can continue to put our community first – increasing our commitment to live 1:1 support, new features, future innovation, and creative possibilities.  

Here’s what you need to know: If you have a Mixer Pro account, these changes DO NOT affect your account. A Mixer Pro subscription is all that is required to enjoy unlimited use of our special Mixer Project in Lightstream Studio. Additionally, for IRL users, your account will automatically transition into a Professional plan. The only thing that’s changing is the name; the rest stays the same. 

These plans are live today. Users on the current Free plans have the choice to continue using a modified version of Lightstream for free, or can upgrade based on their needs. Either way, you won’t lose any features until March 2. Between now and then, we hope you’ll explore the new options and determine what makes sense for you. 

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have and are excited to see what you create next. Explore Lightstream Studio Plans!