Everyone who works at Lightstream believes in the power of creators and helping them see their vision come to life. That’s why we’re all so invested in live streaming.

Starting a live stream may seem daunting at first, but here are tips from the Lightstream Crew when you go live.

Don’t stress about not being perfect. Check out your favorite streamers’ earliest videos and see how less polished they were; everyone starts somewhere.

Make your audience glad they tuned in. Interact with them, thank them for tips, and make them feel heard. It’s important to remember who they are, because when they return they will love the fact that you remembered them. Bonus points for specific details about the viewer too!

Don’t worry about playing a character – be genuine and grow into your persona naturally. 

Don’t expect to be an overnight success. Be prepared that growing your audience will take time. Consistency and patience are extremely important when building an audience. Set mini milestones and celebrate that along with your viewers.

Always talk as if someone is watching you, comment on the activity that you’re doing. Start getting used to it earlier than later. 

Ask yourself early on WHY you’re doing this in the first place, write it down, and revisit it periodically. It should serve as your true north and your content should align with it. This will serve as a clear reminder when the road gets bumpy or you face difficult decisions on why you started on this journey.

If you’re ready to give streaming a try, check out Lightstream Studio.