Hey Mixer community,

First, I’m so sorry. Mixer shutting down is a huge blow to all creators. Like you, we put so much of our time, energy and love into this community. My heart breaks for all the creators who will have to rebuild on a different platform. Since the moment we heard the news Monday, we’ve been exploring ways to help support the transition.

As you start growing your new channel, it will be a challenge to transition your audience. So we had an idea. You can continue using the Lightstream integration to stream to your current Mixer channel and viewers, but we’re adding the option to stream to your new channel and platform simultaneously. This way you can start encouraging your audience to make the move with you to Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube. This feature is at no additional charge and included in your existing Mixer Pro subscription starting tomorrow – June 25.

We’re working on long-term solutions with Xbox and will update you when we have more information.

Thank you, and best of luck. We’ll keep doing what we can.

Stu Grubbs
CEO, Lightstream

Update 7/4/2020 – https://golightstream.com/stream-your-xbox-or-playstation-to-twitch-with-overlays-and-alerts/