Hi everyone, you can now use the Twitch Xbox App or Playstation Twitch integration to stream to Lightstream and then to Twitch.

For Xbox Gamers: Lightstream is now an available destination in the Twitch Xbox App. That means the DNS setup described below is no longer required. Just set your destination to Lightstream in the app! Learn how it works on Xbox →

For Playstation Gamers:
A small change to your network settings can redirect your stream from the Playstation Twitch integration to stream to Lightstream first and then to your Twitch channel with overlays, alerts, and more.

The slightly longer explanation: DNS (Domain Name System) servers are what resolve URLs into the address your devices need to direct your traffic, load a website, or access a service. This is usually automatic from your internet service provider. Our custom DNS service passes through all your traffic normally unless your Playstation is looking for a Twitch ingest server (live*.twitch.tv). And when it does, our DNS service tells your Playstation that ingest.twitch.tv is ingest.golightstream.com. Then we receive and identify your stream as normal, add your designs, and send it off to Twitch.

Setup is simple

  1. Go to your network settings.
  2. Choose to manually set your DNS server to the address of the closest Lightstream DNS server found at https://psdnscheck.golightstream.com/
  3. You can leave the second server as zeros or blank
  4. And you’re done on the console! Now the Twitch Share integration on Playstation will stream to Lightstream and then to your Twitch channel.
  5. If you already have a Mixer project you want to reuse for Twitch, then head to mixer.golightstream.com and add your Twitch account in the destinations drawer (top right).

    If you are brand new to Lightstream,
    you can go to twitch.golightstream.com and log in to get started! You can get more information about how to set up your Twitch account or how to stream on Twitch in the guidelines section. 

This new capability is part of our Gamer Plans! If you need help, reach out through the chat support in Lightstream OR join our Discord – discord.gg/lightstream!


  • Country or region-locked app integrations (like Hulu or Netflix) may be affected while using our DNS workaround. If you experience issues, we recommend reapplying the automatic DNS setting in your console DNS settings. We are working on a fix.

How-to videos

Playstation Instructions


Xbox Instructions

We are working on a more permanent and official solution, but we came up with something in the short term that we think is pretty clever and it gets the job done for Twitch streamers. We decided to call it Lightstream Prism. Light splitting and all that.

Other UI changes

  • The Mixer project is now the “Gamer Project”
    We had to get Mixer references removed since we are evolving this project to do so much more.
  • The Mixer feed layer is now called “Game Source”
    Making room for Playstation and other future possibilities.
  • You can now login to and stream with the Gamer Project with Twitch only


What is it?

The Lightstream DNS service allows your Playstation to stream directly to Lightstream without the need for a capture card or additional software. You are free to use our DNS service to redirect your stream through Lightstream.

A simple flowchart of what is happening…

This is a flow chart of the DNS traffic

What is DNS? Why do you need to change it?

Put simply, DNS is the mechanism used for mapping a domain name (e.g. twitch.tv) to an IP (  In other words, it helps resolve the question, “Where should my video go?”.  We are changing the answer to that question and making the answer “Lightstream (”.

Why are you doing it this way?

We felt this was the fastest way to get you back in control of your creative experience with console streaming.  With the shuttering of Mixer and termination of the Xbox Mixer-Lightstream integration, we needed a way to serve the community without waiting for the longer development cycles of native console application development. Our plan is still to work with our various partners to get the tightest integration and frictionless experience, but this will allow us to have no time gaps in providing this solution.

Can I run my own DNS server?

Yes! We even built you an open-source kit! You can visit this project (https://github.com/golightstream/lightstream-prism-dns) and follow the directions to setup your own server.  

Are you going to use this to steal or store my data?

No. This service exists solely to route a single wildcard domain (all Twitch ingests) to Lightstream’s ingests. All other domains are forwarded and no information is stored or logged.  We’ve made our configuration publicly available and also provide a local solution so that you can run your own DNS servers. Our only goal is to provide the best tools for empowering creators.

What about other consoles like the Switch?

We are only able to stream consoles that provide a method of streaming to Twitch. Currently the Switch does not provide a built-in streaming solution.

Can I stream to Facebook, Youtube, or other platforms?

We currently only support streaming to the original destination specified on the Xbox or PS4.

Where do I set up my project? What subscription type do I need?

Both consoles are included in our Gamer plan and you can sign up at twitch.golightstream.com

How long will this be available?

This will be available as long as there are platforms/consoles that we do not have a native integration with and it is possible to use this method.

Is this free? Do I have to use Lightstream?

While this public DNS server is free, a Lightstream subscription is still required for compositing your stream, overlays, etc. in the cloud.  For power users or users that do not want to use Lightstream, setting up your own DNS and ingest server are possible and completely free of charge.

Why don’t you just make your own console app?

We are! There are a lot of extra hurdles when hardware consoles are involved and we are committed to getting this out as soon as we can.

Is this illegal? Will Twitch get mad?

Because we are not changing the final destination of your stream, there should be no issues with using this technique. Streams originating from the Twitch app/integration will always end up going to Twitch.

Q&A for full transparency

What information is exposed to Lightstream?

Only DNS queries from your console device. Which means lookups to websites or URLs originating from your console. The far majority of this traffic is console or game-specific and completely transparent. However, if you use the in-console browser or log in to a 3rd party integration with your console, those website entries may be included. Also, the nature of DNS lookups require a source IP address, so we would be aware of your public IP address at the time of request.

Does Lightstream log my web traffic? 

No, we NEVER produce logs of any web traffic. We are not interested, we don’t log it, and thus, could never expose it to anyone.

What is and is my data safe there?

Please see this link for more information on this public service we trust: https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/dns/what-is-

What is and is my data safe there?

Please see these link for more information on this public service we also trust: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns

Does Lightstream store any information? 

We track only what is necessary around service usage frequency and volume to make sure this service remains available and safe for everyone. To address security and abuse issues, we may retain information from the temporary Lightstream logs for longer than 48 hours, in each case solely for the limited purpose of resolving such issues.