Some of you may or may not know that a few of us started our careers either covering Counter Strike in the 1.6 days (RIP GotFrag) or working for Major League Gaming back when Halo reigned supreme. When we heard that MLG was hosting the first ever North American CS:GO Major, we jumped at the opportunity to go.

SirScoots at MLG CS:GO Major

We’re as excited as SirScoots setting up GotFragTV back in 2007 (look! There’s still color in his beard).

We’ll be on-site tomorrow (Friday) through Championship Sunday. You’ll find us at our own booth with multiple PC’s where we’ll be playing some games and demoing our software. Come swing by and hangout! If you can’t make the event then be sure to tune in over on …you don’t want to miss any of the bad manners.

We’re now in open beta, get your stream started today.