With Overwatch beta access coming back today, we wanted to shine a light on some of our favorite moments and content creators in the space so far.


Seagull’s Spiderman Lucio

Regarded as one of the best already, Seagull is a former competitive TF2 player who shows us just how big the skill gap can be for getting around a map with Lucio.


Clockwork’s 21 Kill Tracer run

Another competitive TF2 player who puts on a clinic as one of the more difficult to use characters in the game.


6k by Clampok in FishStix Invitational Tournament

Six kills in a matter of 6 seconds nets Clampok the Play of the Game. Keep your eyes peeled for more tournaments from Twitch’s own, Fishstix in the near future too.



Overwatch Mythbusters – Ep. 2

Trolden is one of our favorite content creators in the Hearthstone space so we were stoked to see he had started a side project around Overwatch.


Ellohime’s 30 Hooks for Chat

“It’s High Noon”….”NO IT’S NOT”.



Next Level Symmetra Trolling

While you may know impaKt from his League of Legends support guides, he’s also pretty damn good and entertaining at Overwatch too.


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