If you’ve been on our waitlist, we might just have some good news for you. Go check your email because you should have just been granted access. Now that you’ve got the keys to the control room, here’s what you can expect in our latest update; we’ve overhauled our engine to provide smoother and more stable streams along with improved editor previews, the ability to adjust your resolution, and many more enhancements. Please note that we’ve restricted our broadcasts to 720p until later in our beta. If you’d like a closer look at everything that was implemented in this latest push, you’ll find the comprehensive changelog at the bottom of this post.


Infiniscene is Mac Compatible

We’re thrilled to announce Mac Support. Please note, we’re still working the kinks out so let us know if you run into anything.

Remote control for your streams

Don’t have a second monitor? No problem – login through your mobile device and control your scenes from the cloud.

Infiniscene supports Streamlabs

Track all your follows, subscribers, donations, and more without configuring any plugins or extensions.

*Currently available in Google Chrome, more browsers to follow. Event Lists not yet supported either.


January 19, 2016


  • Mac Support has arrived! (This is an early access release. Help us work out the kinks.)
  • TwitchAlerts audio now works.
  • You can now adjust the resolution you send to Infiniscene from local application.
  • OAuth added for Hitbox, two clicks and you’re in.
  • Scenes can now be renamed.
  • For our lazy friends we’ve added a ”Copy” button for your device codes in the local application.


  • Major improvements to our broadcasting engines for quality and stability.
  • Mobile scene switching improvements
  • Fixed several bugs around activation and deactivation of sources.
  • Fixed issue where deleting assets would not stay deleted on page reload.
  • Adding an asset no longer runs the risk of creating a second, identical asset.
  • Resolve issues around YouTube that would sometimes cause account refresh to fail.
  • Our previews in the editor are now nicer to our servers and your CPU.
  • Refined bandwidth speed test used in the auto configuration algorithm.
  • Fixed issues that would cause the main window or the permission prompts to render incorrectly or off screen.
  • Fixed issue causing the main window to open in the background when restoring from the system tray.
  • Added initial implementation for CPU and network profiling and stream timing during capture.
  • Adding additional video sources won’t cause others to fall behind.
  • Improved performance for web content and audio sources.

For getting this far, we just want to shake your hand. Have a nice day ^_^