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Micro-sponsorships on the Rainmaker platform will give brands access to creators with highly-engaged audiences of any size, empowering the 99% of live streamers who have not previously had access to sponsorships.


CHICAGO, July 16, 2020 – Lightstream, an innovator in cloud-native live streaming technology, is announcing the launch of Rainmaker (rainmaker.gg), a data-driven service that scales sponsorship opportunities for both brands looking to connect with gamers and the live streamers who have built their audience on sites like Twitch. In addition to sponsorships, Rainmaker offers a full suite of tools to help streamers engage their audience, including on-stream alerts, overlays, a cloud-based chatbot, and free websites for every creator. 

Rainmaker is built on the UK-based alerts and chatbot service StreamJar and the audience analytics platform Arsenal.gg. Both companies and teams were acquired by Lightstream in 2019.

“Creators need more economic opportunity earlier in their career. Rainmaker aggregates the small, highly engaged audiences and presents that opportunity to brands to pay streamers for the value they are already creating,” said Stu Grubbs, CEO of Lightstream. “We believe that every creator deserves the chance to make a meaningful income doing what they love.”
Streamer adjusting overlays in Rainmaker.gg

Brands outside of gaming are learning to build awareness by sponsoring and supporting streamers and their communities. A streamers is typically paid to place branded content somewhere on their page or stream,but the value of the sponsorship can be hard to measure for both the brand and streamer. Measuring the engagement can be a very time-intensive manual process. Negotiating deals, managing relationships, reviewing streams to ensure creators are meeting their obligations, requesting updates to graphics, and measuring impressions often requires additional staff to maintain and it limits how many streamers can be a part of a program. And many streamers never get the chance to even talk to brands in the first place!

Rainmaker empowers marketing teams to manage and measure their existing sponsorships by automating the entire workflow. They can then expand their reach by offering micro-sponsorships to streamers on Rainmaker. Streamers can opt-in to any number of brand sponsorships and earn money based on their viewership. 

A Rainmaker sponsorship:

  • Looks, feels, and is native to the content
  • Is live during the action and doesn’t interrupt the viewing experience
  • Is part of the video itself. No need to worry about content blockers with 99.9% deliverability.
  • Allows brands to aggregate millions of viewers over thousands of channelsAllows creators to focus on their content.Ensures that a brand’s creative is correctly displayed 
  • Includes robust reporting to inform brands when sponsorships run, impressions served, mentions in chat, and links clicked. 
“From my experience bringing big-name brands to Twitch, seeing the continued growth of live streaming platforms means now is the perfect time to more directly engage with the content creators themselves,” said Pete Basgen, Rainmaker’s Director of Brand Partnerships. “Rainmaker makes that possible by solving the logistical problem with traditional sponsorships while providing the detailed measurement brand marketers need.”
Streamer with creator site on Rainmaker.gg

Rainmaker is available in early access to active StreamJar users. Due to high demand, there’s currently a waitlist to gain access to the new sponsorships functionality. Streamers from the waitlist will be invited in waves as additional sponsorships become available.

For more information about Rainmaker, please visit https://rainmaker.gg, or follow on Twitter or Instagram. Companies interested in sponsoring game streamers through Rainmaker can contact brands@rainmaker.gg.

For more information about Lightstream and its products, please visit https://golightstream.com

About Lightstream

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