August 26th Changelog


  • Resolved an issue where ending a stream would improperly trigger Twitch’s disconnection protection when a user went offline
  • Users will now correctly see an error message displayed when their payment fails to go through


  • Users will now be charged immediately when changing their payment method after a failed subscription payment

August 21st Changelog

We’ve got a bunch of new features and UI updates to help better clarify your options when subscribing to a Lightstream Studio plan, and help you identify what type of project you have open (Gamer or Creator).

Subscription Plan Selection

We now display all of our available plan options, which plan you currently have, and we’ve tightened up descriptions to better explain the differences between plans.

Projects UI Redesign

We’re introducing an all new top bar design offering a more clean and functional look. This paves the way for some cool new features and better organization all around.

We’ve organized account and project settings into three menus:

account settings
Account Menu:
  • The separate My Projects page is no more. You can now find your projects in the Account Menu by clicking the Lightstream logo in the top left corner. At a glance you can see what type of project it is and if it’s set to Auto Live
  • All of the account settings you’re used to seeing are still here as well
project settings
Project Settings:
  • Project Settings can be found by clicking your project’s name in the top left. These settings include the project’s name, the resolution you’ll be broadcasting at, and the auto live toggle (RTMP Sources will no longer have auto live toggles). We’ll be adding some more options here soon™.
destination settings
Destination Settings:
  • Nothing too dramatic has changed here. We’re cleaning up the UI a bit and removed the ability to set Title/Description/Game for Auto Live projects.

New Features

Multiple Gamer Projects
  • Users can now create multiple Gamer Projects and freely switch between which will automatically go live when Lightstream starts receiving their Game Source


  • ✍️ Auto live broadcasts will no longer update the title, description, and/or game on the destination platform
  • 🎮 We’ve renamed the Console Feed layer to Game Source to expand for the possibility of more input sources in the future
  • ⚡️ Auto Live functionality has gone global. It’s been removed from individual RTMP Source layers and is now set at the project level. You can set one project to Auto Live at any given time.
    • If it’s a Gamer Project, it will go live whenever it receives a feed to your Game Source in that project
    • In a Creator Project, it will go live as soon as that project receives a feed to any RTMP Source

August 13th Changelog


  • Added a new DNS server option for our European users utilizing the DNS method for console capture. Users can now use “” for their console’s DNS if they’re located closer to Europe than the United States for better speeds and pings


  • Removed billing address fields from the payment form when signing up for a subscription in order to decrease the likelihood of a false decline