On this week’s edition of Saved Scenes, we highlighted some of our favorite content from around the Hearthstone community that caught our eye recently.


Thijs vs. P4wnyhof [both perspectives]

How often do you get to see two Legend ranked players talking through their gameplay against on another? “Very rarely, if ever” should have been your response and that’s why we thought this was cool.

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Interview w/ Hafu on diversity

Fusion sheds some light on what female streamers like Hafu have to put up with on a daily basis. The video raises some solid points on what the esports and streaming communities as whole need to address if it wants to be more inclusive moving forward.

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Fibonacci Double Mal’Ganis

Some may say he overextended but he at least got a ton of style points in the process.

Frodan’s Brian Kibler Impression

No one is safe. Where will he strike next?

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Savjz prays to the Golden Monkey God

Never concede, never surrender.

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