Spiketrap and Rainmaker.gg partnership

Contextualization analytics platform Spiketrap and Rainmaker.gg have announced an exclusive partnership focused on providing the creator economy with the right tools and insights to facilitate safe and effective collaboration between brands and creators.

Rainmaker.gg Chat ManagementAccording to eMarketer, over the past year, influencer marketing has surged to become a nearly $10 billion industry, with top marketers expected to increase budgets for sponsored content by 48% in 2021. As more brands seek ways to work with the streamers and influencers that align with their audiences, it’s imperative that they are connected with the right creators. Together, Spiketrap and Rainmaker.gg help bridge that gap.

Rainmaker.gg supplies brands, publishers, and agencies with the tools they need to effectively collaborate with live streaming creators and understand, engage, and activate their audiences.

Spiketrap powers audience intelligence and media performance for high-velocity, unstructured environments, such as the chat activity that complements livestream events. Through Spiketrap, this partnership will enhance Rainmaker’s influencer platform with advanced insights, including community brand safety, audience sentiment, conversion analytics, brand affinity scores, and more.

“Most influencers struggle to articulate the value of their audiences, especially in terms that brands understand. At Rainmaker, it’s always been our mission to strengthen and enhance the collaboration between brands and creators,” said Stu Grubbs, CEO at Rainmaker.gg. “We’re excited to be working with Spiketrap to provide innovative audience metrics that matter to foster stronger, more effective partnerships.”

“Having brand safety and community sentiment scores readily available is quite powerful for our online engagement team,” stated Kyle Stephenson, Senior Manager of Online Engagement and Influencers at Gearbox Entertainment Company. “This knowledge allows us to confidently activate influencers with healthy communities. Even more, it provides us with quality data and quantifiable results that we can take directly to our leadership team.”

Spiketrap’s media intelligence solutions — including brand safety, influencer insights, and contextual advertising — enable marketers to find relevant and safe ways to engage their target audiences.

“Our goal is to help Rainmaker’s influencers, agencies, and studios elevate and quantify the impact of their content and campaigns. Spiketrap contextualizes high-velocity digital content, providing instant insight into audience affinities, sentiment, safety, and more,” said Kieran Fitzpatrick, cofounder and CEO at Spiketrap. “The swift growth of the creator economy has amplified the need for reliable measurement and deeper understanding of these highly-engaged audiences, and we are excited to empower Rainmaker’s users through this partnership.”

About Spiketrap
Spiketrap is the contextualization company powering audience intelligence and media performance for creators, platforms, and brands. Its proprietary Clair AI extracts the signal from the noise of unstructured datasets, providing unparalleled clarity and context, particularly within high velocity online environments.

Built upon the foundation of its AI and robust knowledge graph, Spiketrap is a trusted provider of brand intelligence, influencer insights, contextual ad targeting, impact measurement, brand safety monitoring, and numerous other bespoke research and data-as-a-service solutions. Its always-on measurement, convenient API, and intuitive dashboard democratizes data and accelerates speed to insight.

About Rainmaker
Rainmaker.gg strengthens the collaboration between creators, audiences, and brands. Creators are armed with data to understand and grow their audience along with data-driven chatbots, alerts, and overlays to engage their community. Brands and publishers get access to the industry-wide data, custom reporting, and marketing tools required to effectively work with video game content creators and develop campaigns that resonate with their audiences. For more information visit https://rainmaker.gg.