Welcome to our corner of the streaming world. We are Lightstream! We want to help you understand all of the robust features Lightstream gamer projects has to offer, as well as what makes us stand out from our competitors.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Lightstream is a browser and cloud based service that takes your stream to the next level of polish. Right now if you were to go live on Playstation, for example, you would be limited only to viewing your chat, using a microphone, and accessing a webcam. With our Lightstream Gamer Project you will have access to features making it easy for console, and mobile gamers to create a quality broadcast without all of the fancy equipment.

With our Lightstream Creator projects you won’t be able to take advantage of our cloud streaming for consoles but you can put together some more content, like IRL, PC streams, and more!

If you’re setting up a podcast, talk show, or plan on streaming some Just Chatting content then Lightstream Studio 2 is the place to be!

We also own Rainmaker, which gives you access to alerts, data, brand opportunities, and more, all for free.  

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Take Control

We believe in giving creators control, so we didn’t skimp on the customizations you need.

preview your browser sources in-canvasLightstream allows you to preview your browser sources in-canvas, instead of having to launch a separate non-interactive preview window. You can make changes in real time to ensure your setup is perfect before you go live.

third party notificationsStream Without a Capture Card: How to use Lightstream with the Twitch Xbox App

We won’t lock you into a browser source/alert service. If you’re just getting started, or porting over from another service, we’ll support whichever alert system you want to use!

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few options:

If you’re streaming, we assume you want control over game source positioning & audio… Control the volume, edit appearance, change sizes, add scenes.

There’s Layers To This

We know that polish is key. So, we have the ability to add all the layers you could ever* want. Slideshows, video clips, PC Screen share, Audio sources, 3rd party integrations. You can do it all (We believe in you). Check out some of our tutorials to learn more:


We have an always growing and active Discord community and dedicated support and community humans in here to help you out. You are our first priority, so let us help you!

Community feedback helps us tweak edits and add new features in real time. When you mention a change, we take it seriously. Our devs work as fast as possible to implement key features.

We take feedback seriously. Drop a line to support at contact@support.golightstream.com

Tied In With Rainmaker

As streamers ourselves, we understand the tools you need, so we build all of it for you to use. For free.

  • We make it easy to connect with brands and publishers. Browse opportunities from companies looking to work with new broadcasters. Streamlined applications make it a snap to get connected.
  • Data is King. So, we give you the data to know and grow your audience. Never miss a moment with a live event list and in-depth statistics on your channel stats, tips, leaderboards, and more. Think we’re missing something? Send us feedback!
  • We don’t take a cut of your tips, because we aren’t jerks. Add your PayPal and you’re set. Level it up by configuring your creator site with some neat perks for your viewers like song requests and audio recordings.
  • Our chat bot lives in the cloud. Online or offline, it’s chillin’ with your viewers. Oh and it does it all: currency, filters, moderation, quotes, alerts, custom commands, and loyalty ranks. 

Our team is super proud of what we’ve created, and we’re always adding more. Let us know what you think as you get started! Happy Streaming!