As a content creator, you want to know the ins and out of your channel, what works and what doesn’t. With Arsenal, you are able to analyze your statistics, find out what games are working for you, and how to combine that data to create more opportunities for your channel. 


Using Arsenal

After logging into Arsenal, you will be taken to the main page which will give you a bird’s eye view of how your channel has performed over the last 30 days. You can track your follower and viewer growth, as well as some general stats about your stream habits. For more in-depth information about your channel, let’s check out the Statistics, Streams, and Games tabs.  



The Statistics tab is where the real breakdown of your content lies. You can see how your channel’s growth has been over a specific period of time. This section is particularly important because viewership is an important factor for getting partnership and sponsorships. Two critical graphs to point out on this page are the Streams by Hour of Day and Day of the Week. These give you a good idea of when you’re most likely to stream which can help you create a schedule to establish some consistency for your viewers. 


Here you will find the lists of streams you have done in a specific time frame. You can click into each stream to see a breakdown of what games you played, how long you played for, and the peak and average amount of viewers you had. For example, you could find that a specific game really resonates with your audience and it could be a sign that you may want to stream that game more often. It’s also a great way to see how Raids, being featured on the front page, or promotions like Mixer’s HypeZone can impact your viewership.


The final aspect to analyze your content growth is learning about the games you play. In the Games tab, you will be able to track down the stats of the games you play on your stream.  Having the ability to see the peak viewers, average viewers and minutes of that particular game watched, will help show gaming studios your previous experiences with games and genres you are wanting to play and promote. 


Key Campaigns:

In addition to your channel statistics, another way Arsenal helps create opportunities for your channel are Key Campaigns. Here you can find games from publishers who are actively looking to work with new broadcasters. Once you find a game you’re interested in streaming, it’s a snap to apply for a key. Just add a message, and your channel stats are automatically included with your application. Each publisher has their own criteria and goals with the key campaign, so there’s no guarantee you’ll receive every key you request – but it’s a great opportunity to meet potential new partners!  

Arsenal equips you with tools and data you can use to improve your stream and content. Not only can it help you create better content, but it can also arm you with the data you need to prove to brands and game studios that you have an audience worth investing in. Having the ability to export your data to CSV makes it that much easier to report your statistics for existing sponsors, or to help generate new ones. Turning your brand into an investment opportunity for companies can be the first step to stand out from the pack. If you have any questions about Arsenal please send an email to 

Happy Streaming!

Check out this video tutorial for a quick breakdown on how Arsenal works!