In this blog, we’re gonna be talking about five benefits that you can use to upgrade your podcast by adding video and live streaming your podcast. We’re gonna be talking about how you can do this with Lightstream Studio 2. Let’s get into it.

1. Spotify Video Podcasts

The first benefit to recording video of your podcasts is that Spotify now supports video alongside their podcasts when you upload to something like or directly to Spotify. You can upload a video file directly onto Spotify and your listeners can choose to listen to the audio only version, or they can actually watch your video inside the Spotify app to be able to get that video experience directly from the app.

It’s another opportunity for your viewers to connect with you, make sure you have a video alongside your podcast, especially for your Spotify listeners that go ahead and support it directly. 

2. Long Form Content

Benefit number two is long form content. It is no secret that Google is the largest search engine out there, and a lot of podcasts leverage SEO to push their podcast onto that Google platform.

But what if I had told you that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? You can leverage that for your podcast to make sure that your listeners can find where you are and know when you put out a new episode.

3. Vertical Video

For number three we’re talking about vertical video.

Think about creating Instagram Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts from that one long form video. Stream your podcast using Studio 2 and create a VOD. Cut it up and put it into platforms that can give you that discoverability to bring more people to your podcast.

4. Engagement

Number four is engagement. Give your audience an opportunity to be able to connect with you live, maybe have a Q&A section at the end of your podcast where you can bounce ideas off of your viewers. Letting that be a part of your final show is an awesome experience.

5. Upgrade your Monetization

Finally, number five is upgrading your monetization. Not only does video open up more sponsorship opportunities for your podcast (Think about company merch in the shot!) but you can also start to incorporate other forms of advertising like Google ads from your YouTube videos, being a part of creator funds on something like TikTok, and live platform subscriptions like Twitch subscribers or YouTube members.

Studio 2 image


Studio 2 is the perfect solution if you wanna upgrade your podcast with video and be able to stream to your audience because it’s in the cloud and it’s always with you. For more information on Studio 2, you can check out our YouTube Playlist or the Studio 2 site. Our support staff are always happy to help out with any questions you may have too!