Brand new update coming in hot, get it now!




  • Scene and Project Duplication: because remaking things from scratch sucks.
  • Tool-tips: Let us help you with that.
  • Stream Settings re-design: we moved some things around and consolidated for a better workflow experience, now you can find everything in our web editor.
  • Friend Invites : we originally removed this when we went into open beta but brought it back because everything is more fun with friends.
  • Hitbox stream title: now you can set your title from the dashboard.
  • Delay clarification: added some text to help define how exactly the delay works.
  • Simplified asset properties pane: got rid of some unused stuff because we hate clutter.
  • Volume control numbers: just some more fine tuning with communicating how your volume is being adjusted.

Fixed in our changelog

  • Profile settings sometimes wouldn’t appear until a page refresh after login.
  • Save button is now fully functional in the user profile.
  • Some sources (i.e. a window) wouldn’t disconnect when removed from the editor…NOW THEY DO.
  • Styles within file picker modal are now all uniform.
  • Menu hover states are now uniform in design.
  • User was sometimes unable to connect a device in walkthrough.
  • New users now always sent to coin redemption screen.
  • Inactive assets are not sent while broadcasting: performance improvement!1!!1



We’re now in open beta, get your stream started today.