Changelog - Added

  • Moved Assets Properties: In an effort to de-clutter the left-hand properties area, we’ve moved each asset’s properties to a floating toolbar right on the canvas. It now looks something like this…

Adding asset properties



  • Moved Device Properties: We’ve also moved where device properties live for ease of use.
  • Show Asset State: No more need to select the asset to get more details on it.
  • Quickly toggle settings: Now you can turn on stuff like text marquee and stroke even easier.
  • Font Previews: When choosing a font you can check out what they look like before making your selection.



Text previews

  • Chroma Key Automation: Our wizards came up with a spell that automatically guesses your background color to remove when you’ve got this enabled.

Fixed in our changelog

  • Text no longer gets cut off depending on certain fonts that were selected.
  • Marquee should no longer get cut off or fail to scroll completely.
  • Re-ordering assets is now much smoother with minimal delay.


We’re now in open beta, get your stream started today.